Work time

Book easily

Make a post on a smartphone or computer, you may want to record a job under a customer or cost center.

Follow in real time

The live monitoring of the online service shows the status of bookings. The employee’s working time or sliding bank is always up to date.


For reports, payroll information is available for automated evening, night and weekend excursions. The material can be exported through interfaces to payroll software.

Track and accept in real time

Employee logins can be tracked in the live monitoring of the online service which displays login time, customer, cost center, vehicle and login. From the online service, it is possible to browse the login history, explanations and book the employee out of work if the login has been forgotten.

The versatile editing and approval view makes it easy to add manually holidays and other excemptions. The view also clearly shows the balance of a worker’s working time bank or sliding bank and change history.

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