Optimize every aspect of your Fleet Performance with Kiho Platform.

Accurate and real-time vehicle control

Kiho Telematics is a versatile and smart system to control company’s vehicles. With the help of Kiho- telematics devices, information about the location of vehicles and productivity can be gathered.


The Live-map service allows you to see the real-time position of vehicles and report driving, for example, by region. The easy-to-use vehicle registration of the mobile application also combines the driver’s information with the vehicle’s information, enabling vehicle fueling and, for example, remote control of the fuel heater. The service also includes a virtual mileage reading.

Versatile reporting tools

Kiho -web service will transform gathered data into clear reports with versatile reporting tools. Followings events in real-time and setting up automatic alarms is easy. Machinery will be maintenanced and inspected correctly with the help of electronic maintenance book.

Service tracking

With extensive maintenance monitoring, stock maintenance, inspections and inspections are remembered to be done on time and the stock remains intact. Once the maintenance and inspection programs have been entered for maintenance monitoring, the system will then remind you of the necessary measures based on actual hours of operation and kilometers measured by the locator.

Maintenance also improves when the system is easy to see for the next week’s necessary maintenance and order supplies at a glance. The repaired maintenance and surveys provide the vehicle with an accurate electronic service booklet that adds resale value to the stock.


Alarms allow you to receive a text message or email whenever something suspicious or dangerous happens. You can set up alerts on different scenarios by combining the conditions.

For example

  • the vehicle is started even if no employee is logged in
  • the vehicle leaves the specified area at night
  • the vehicle’s voltage drops below the specified limit
  • the vehicle’s warning lamp lights up

Data terminals for every need

Kiho Telematics supports data terminals from most of the producers. So for, the best device with all the needed features will always be found. Open a list of supported interface features from here.

Typical applications

  • Trucks
  • Cars
  • Tractors
  • Trailers
  • Dollies
  • Busses
  • Property maintenance vehicles

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